Get Connected with Wenzel

Get connected with Sturgis Public Schools!

Website - Several areas of the website have information to keep you informed.  Each site has a Calendar with Upcoming Events that can be subscribed to, front pages with news stories and announcements, a column just for Parents, Students, and Staff to make things easier to find, QuickLinks for easy navigation, and the major social icons at the top of the page to jump to your favorite Facebook, Twitter, Sturgis Journal, or JoeInsider stories.  You can also contact SPS via email using the big envelope icon at the top, or simply call the main number at the bottom of the page.  In addition, there is a central Staff Directory of teachers and Administration, complete with links to the teachers websites.

Facebook - each Sturgis school, as well as the District, has a Facebook page that is used for informational items as well as fun tidbits and pictures.  Simply log onto Facebook and search for any of these pages, or click on the Facebook icon at the top of each school's homepage, or click the links below.

Sturgis Public Schools
Sturgis High School
Sturgis Middle School
Eastwood Elementary
Wall Elementary
Congress Elementary
Wenzel Elementary

Twitter - 
Sturgis Public Schools has a Twitter page  or search @sturgisps in twitter.  The individual schools do not have a twitter account.

Powerschool - each student in the District has a Powerschool account.  This is also how the District gets "All Calls" (that phone call, email, or text you get telling you school is cancelled!). As a parent, it is important to sign in to Powerschool to select "Power Announcement" options.  Specifically, as a parent of a High School student, it should be used to see your students grades and attendance, as well as any announcements.  These announcements can also be seen in the new website under High School/Parent/High School Announcements.  See the Powerschool page at the left for log in instructions and Power Announcement instructions.